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Aug 08 11

This blows my mind.

Check out this video of Theo Jansen’s Animarus Ondula, an amazing feat of engineering and imagination.


For more information, check out his website.


Jun 10 11

Because I’m self-taught, there are a lot of things about architectural history that I don’t yet know. This is a prime example.

Though neither of us knew about this when my girlfriend Diana Welch came up with the term anarchitecture to describe my approach to building, the word has a history that stretches back before either of us were born.

The group was a collaborative gathering of conceptual artists including the super rad Laurie Anderson and the mind-blowing Gordon Matta-Clark.

A New York Times article on a retrospective of his work at the Whitney in 2007 called Matta-Clark “required viewing for any architect born in the age of the computer screen.”

I’m not legally an architect, which is why I needed to term my work something else, but I am so happy to have found this guy’s work. He addressed the same exact things that interest me today, though much more eloquently and meaningfully, and the more I look into him, the more amazed I am that I didn’t know of him before: My intention with this blog was to show things that I either built or destroyed; so much of Matta-Clark’s work deals with the intersection of those two actions.  I spent years trolling around abandoned warehouses, finding unlimited inspiration in urban decay; he built a life’s work around the same.

It’s exciting how much has already been done in this world, and how much there is left to find out.






May 02 11

shift/build shift/explode music Thor/Coy from Monofonus Press on Vimeo.